10-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan test savollari

1.      Find the “odd word”?

a)      Confuse        b) encourage          c) motivate      d) inspire

2.      They are doing some interesting                              on the language of dolphins.

a)      Experience    b) confuse         c) calculus

d) passive

3.      When Max Talmud came to the Albert  Einstein’s house?

a)      On Monday evening meals

b)      On Wednesday evening meals

c)       On Thursday evening meals

d)      On Sunday evening meals

4.      A person who works very hard and to become cleverer and better.

a)      Dedication     b) sacrifice c) persistence

d) hard worker

5.      When Mother Teresa did get Nobel Prize.

a)      1979    b) 1975    c)  1976   d)1973

6.      Find the synonym of the word “to be conditioned”.

a)      Help     b) depend ()upon   c)  go wrong   d) lose hope

7.      Would you  ¬¬¬¬¬¬_________  your job if you inherited lots of money?

a)      Realize  b)  quit  c)  belief  d) achieve

8.      Find the phrase of the definition “submit homework”.

a)      End up     b) give in     c) give up        c) hand in

9.      After we had boarded the plane the stewardess handed out  ……………………

a)      Seats    b) drinks    c)  passengers   d)   luggage

10.    _____________  in yourself!  This is self confident.

a)      Believe   b) belief   c)  quit   d)  goal

11.    After we had eaten our meal we  asked the waiter for __________

a)      The waitress    b)   the bill     c) the food    d)  the meal

12.    Find the phrase “end relationship”

a)      Go on with   b) stop doing       c) fall out    d)   fall out with

13.    My _________ is to build  a bright future

a)      Goal   b)  action    c)    experience    d)  belief

14.    Rearrange the words.    Mother /  pray,/ her/ to/ taught/ love) other/ to people/ to/ Agnes’s

15.    Write down  the definition  of the words     support , go down  give in, aspiration

16.    continuo  the quote .     The action you will take today, _________________________

17.    Translate the sentence

Qachonki hayot qiyinlashganda , sen harakat,harakat va yna harakat qil hech qachon chekinma.

18.    Translate in to Uzbek.

Ta’limsiz kelajak yo‘q .

19.    Write  down the definition of the ‘‘knock out’’

20.    Answer the question?   Who do you look up to?


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