10-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan test savollari

1.      Find the “odd word”? a)      Confuse        b) encourage          c) motivate      d) inspire

8-sinf ingliz tili fanidan 1-yarim yillik test

1. When do Englishmen celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in Britain? A. 5th of November C. 5th December B. 4th of November D. 6th January

Tests for the 6th form Term I

1.     …… answers the telephone and works with papers. a)teacher            b)doctor                   c)secretary                d)librarian

5-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan test savollari

5-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan monitoring uchunTest 1.My name … Dilbar. A.is B.am C.are D.- 2.I am … England.