7-sinf uchun ingliz tili fanidan bilimlar bellashuvi savollari

1. Local police ________ the bank robber. A) has arrested    B) have been arrested   C) have arrested    D) was arrested

7-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan bilimlar bellashuvi test savollari na’munasi

Choose the  correct   answers . 1 They reached … Pacific Ocean by means of … Panama Channel. A. the / the B. a / the C […]

7-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan bilimlar bellashuvi uchun test savollari na’munasi

1 They  reached  … Pacific Ocean  by  means  of … Panama  Channel. A. the / the  B.  a / the  C the / a  D. – […]

7-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan test savollari (2-variant)

Bilimlar bellashuvining viloyat bosqichi uchun tuzilgan test savollaridan na’muna.