9-sinf Ingliz tili fanidan fan olimpiadasi uchun test savollari na’munasi

Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct. 1. Here is a picture of _____ village where I was born. It is about ten minutes […]

Test for Olympiada in English 2-variant

1. … Easter is …. religious holiday. A) -/- B) -/a C) the/a D) the/the

Test for Olympiada in English 1-variant

1. How do you feel if someone laughs at you? I hate people ______ at me. A) laughed B) laughing C) being laughed D) to be […]

9-sinf Ingliz tilidan test savollari

9-sinf ingliz tili  fanidan 3-bosqich fan olimpiadasi uchun test savollari na’munasi 3-variant